Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interaction with People of Agra and Their Life

Agra has its own tradition and culture. Languages spoken in Agra as well as complete Uttar Pradesh are Hindi and Urdu. Some people associated with the field of tourism are able to speak English up to some level. Some professional guides speak other foreign languagesalso. In hotels visitors can find staff communicating guests in English. People are simple in Agra and most of them are associated with business and farming. Agra being a tourist place having a lot of people involved in tourism. Number of hotels can be found in near Taj Mahal. If visitors want to communicate with people of Agra in their own language they would have to learn some phrases which are most frequently used like-


How are you doing?
Aap kaise hain

I am doing well
Main theek Hoon

I do not understand
Main nahi samajhata hoon.

Where can I find?
Kahan Milega…

How to reach?
Kaise Pahuchoon

Thank You

Excuse Me
Kshama Karen

Please write it down
Zara likh deejiye

Can you help me?
Kya aap meri madad kar sakte hain?

Turn Right
Dahine Mudo

Turn Left
Bayen Mudo

What Place is this?
Yeh kounsi jagah hai?

What is this?
Yeh kya hai?

How do you find it?
Kaisa Laga?

How much is it for?
Kitne ka hai?

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