Friday, September 4, 2009

Agra Fort

Fast facts -Located in Agra. Also known as Red Fort or Lal Qila.
It is built of red sandstone.
Did you know -It has been counted as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
There are two huge gates in the Agra Fort.
Must do -See the 500 buildings inside the huge fort area.
Must see -Diwan-i-Am, Diwan-i-Khas, Khas Mahal, Shah Jahani Mahal, Anguri Bagh, Nagina Masjid, Naubat Khana, Zenana Mina Bazaar, Sheesh Mahal, Mina Masjid, Macchi Bhawan, Rang Mahal, Musamman Burj, Pearl Mosque, Golden Pavilions, Jahangiri Mahal and Shahi Burj.

Ever since Babur defeated and killed Ibrahin Lodi at Panipat in 1526, Agraplayed an important center of Mughal Empire. Akbar chose this city on the bank of River Yamuna as his capital and proceeded to build a strong citadel for the purpose. It is said that he destroyed the damaged old fort of Agra for the purpose and raised this grand group of monuments instead in red sandstone. Started in 1565, it took eight years and thirty-five lakh rupees to complete its construction and is second only to Taj in Agra. Qasim Khan Mir Barr-u-Bahr supervised the construction of this building.

One of the large fortified residences built at various strategic points of Mughal Empire; it had over five hundred buildings, as mentioned by Abul Fazal in his chronicles. Most of the buildings added later use marble as the chief construction material. At the time of Akbar, River Yamuna touched the fort and thus, a number of ghats were built here. Some of these ghats were meant to load and unload goods transported through river and other covered passages were for use by the harem inmates only.

Important Information

Timings: open all days from 6:00AM- 5:30PM daily. From Sunrise to Sunset.
Timings & Entry Fees: For Indians above 15 years: Rs. 20 per head. For foreigners above 15 years: US$ 5 or corresponding to Rs.520 per head

Agra City
is easily accessible by Air Rail and Road transport. The agra fort can be approached by city taxi, rickshaw or by auto-rickshaw from the Taj.

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