Saturday, September 26, 2009

Agra Weather & When to Go

The climate of Agra is extreme and tropical. India has three seasons, the dry season, monsoon season and winter. Summers are extremely hot and the maximum temperature can be as high as 45 degree Celsius/ 113 degrees Fahrenheit; it is hot in April through to June. It is not hard to imagine thus why it is unpopular to visit Agra during this time. In the summer, Agra is dry, dusty and rather sticky and unpleasant for visitors.

Heavy rains and high humidity mark the monsoon season. During Monsoon season, which lasts from July to September, there can be electrical storms, short rainstorms and dust storms. One must bring fully waterproof clothes during this time. Though it doesn’t rain all day, it does rain every day. Regardless of the rain, it is still very hot and humid. It is not recommended to travel during this time.

In September, the monsoon season ends and the weather gets more bearable. However, even in the winter, the climate remains rather tropical. The average winter day is around 88.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it is advised to visit Agra during the winters, after October to April. During the winter, though at night it can get quite frosty, the days are sunny but more mild, without the sticky


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