Friday, August 28, 2009

Taj Mahal Gateway


AGR Agra - Taj Mahal sandstone gateway to the inner compound with ornamental gardens

AGR Agra - Taj Mahal vaulted arche embellished with pietra dura scrollwork and quotations from the Quran

AGR Agra - Taj Mahal sandstone gateway to the inner compound

AGR Agra - red sandstone mosque to the west of the Taj Mahal

Architectural Beauty of Taj Mahal Gateway - 30 meter high entrance of the Taj Mahal itself is an architectural marvel. There are three gateways which are surrounded the seventh wonder in three sides. These gates are made of red sandstone, a common material of Mughal architecture. The top of the Gateway is dome shaped which is called chhatris. The inner part of the Gateway is arch shaped. The principle Gateway is mirrored archways with splendid calligraphic design. Base-relief and pietra-dura embellishments with floral theme enhance the beauty of the Gateway. Visit to Taj Mahal - There are other monuments situated outside the Gateway. These are the tombs of Shah Jahan's other wives. Among them the larger tomb is the tomb of Mumtaz's favorite servant.

The ceiling and walls have typical geometrical pattern. At the other end there are two big red sandstone buildings. Back portion of these two buildings are parallel to the western and eastern walls. These buildings are identical to each other. The western building is a mosque. At the opposite of this there is the "jawab" or answer which was used as the guesthouse during the Mughal period.

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